Custom Machined Collectibles for Christmas: Creating Beauty Through Machining

We understand; it’s not even October. However, that doesn’t mean planning your Custom Machined Collectibles for Christmas isn’t a brilliant idea!

At ZHT, we are not only a CNC business solution provider. Taking a quote from Patricia – our ZHT President herself…

“Creating beauty through machining is part of the ZHT tradition. I am proud to continue this artisan principle; bringing our – or your, custom designs and ideas to reality” 

With that in mind; let’s get you ready for Christmas – shall we?!

Custom Machined Collectibles for Christmas

As mentioned on our ZHT Passion page

‘We all have keepsakes, and it’s nice when something important to us lasts the test of time. Our custom, in-house designs are made with that in mind – to last you a lifetime. Made right here at ZHT, born from stainless or aluminum billet, each custom design makes an excellent gift or collectible. A truly tangible object that you can hold, use, polish and enjoy.’

Curious to see our current lineup of Custom Machined Collectibles for Christmas? Click HERE.

ZHT Passion: Creating Beauty Through Machining

Apart from offering our Co-op CNC Machinist Program in BC, along with Precision Aerospace Machining, and also a business that will keep Your Budget in Mind While Tackling BC’s Supply Chain; ZHT also delivers Passionate People Creating Precision Projects.

Our extensive experience in precision machining extends to our expertise in high-end custom products. And while our long-term corporate customers have the utmost faith in us to manage their design-specific projects; our emerging clients create a space that allows us to dabble in passion projects outside of our corporate supply.

Being able to explore in creative ways keeps our passion alive within our industry. As well, this passion trickles down to our zum Hingst family and every team member that joins us. We believe that even the most tedious task allows for fun; and embracing our vocation as machinists offers an endless platform from which to create.

Curious just how far off the beaten path our services can extend? Pick from our line of shooter cups, engraved plaques for your collectible keepsake box, or our latest creation – custom machined belt buckles.

Check us out at: Etsy or Facebook …or feel free to contact us with your custom machined idea you would like to challenge us with!

Reading this on December 24th and need a creative DIY gift giving idea? Our friends at HGTV  can help with that…