Co-op CNC Machinist Program in BC: Choosing a Career You’re Passionate About

ZHT proudly offers those choosing a career path in CNC machining, the opportunity to demonstrate their applied machining skills through support of the Co-op BCIT Machinist Apprentice Program in BC.

We believe that surrounding yourself with people who are passionate about what they do – not only can help advance you more quickly in learning what you love, but also help you stay motivated and set you up for success in the field.

Passion tends to be contagious – and ZHT is here to be a super spreader of it!

What Does a CNC Machinist Do?

As described by, in their article: How to Become a CNC Machinist in 6 Steps

A CNC machinist is a skilled tradesperson who works with precise metal cutting, shaping, and grinding equipment. Setting up, maintaining, and using this machinery, these professionals create and repair metal parts.

At ZHT – we definitely go beyond ‘creating and repairing metal parts’. The industry’s we help include:

Who Is a Good Fit to Become a CNC Machinist?

So who is a good fit to become a CNC Machinist? Some skills and desires may include:

  • You love working with computers
  • You have a keen eye for precision detail
  • You have a natural inclination to create things
  • Your time management is on point
  • You’re a problem solver
  • You’re an adaptable team player with a strong work ethic

At ZHT, we are Passionate People Creating Precision Projects… as described in a previous blog:

‘Beyond exploring our art and serving our customer’s needs, our 14,000 square foot CNC Machining shop in Port Coquitlam also serves our community with employment opportunities, as well as apprenticeship opportunities. We love training those who have a passion for machining, and have been doing so since 1977.’

Co-op CNC Machinist Program in BC

Co-op CNC machinist Program in BC

At ZHT, we proudly support apprenticeship programs through BCIT co-op students who are training in the machinist program. From these training programs, we have hired and fully employed people who show a strong aptitude for machining and work ethic.

Curious to be a part of our apprenticeship team? Contact[email protected] to inquire, and let’s see if we are the right fit for one another!