ZHT Passion

The ZHT passion is about our people  

As a well-established machine shop with high-end quality and active engagement in product realization we have many long-term customers, and we service corporate supply chains. The formula to this success is that we enjoy what we do – we have a passion.  Naturally, this passion flows into creating our own products and exploring our art. This page celebrates the zum Hingst family and their team, the process, the fun of the creative, and embraces the vocation of being a machinist.

Custom machined Collectibles

Creating beauty through machining is part of the ZHT tradition and I am proud to continue this artisan principle, bringing our, or your, custom designs and ideas to realityPatricia zum Hingst, President.

We all have keepsakes and it’s nice when something important to us lasts the test of time. Our custom, in-house designs are made with that in mind – to last you a lifetime. Made right here at ZHT, born from stainless or aluminum billet, they make an excellent gift or collectible – a truly tangible object that you can hold, use, polish and enjoy.

engraved license plates
custom engraved cups

Pick from our line of shooter cups, engraved plaques for your collectible keepsake box, or our latest creation – custom machined belt buckles. Plus, we currently have several more ideas on the drawing board, so check in with us at: www.PEZmachining.etsy.com  www.facebook.com/zumhingsttech1/

or contact us for updates.

custom car billet accessories

Custom Car Billet Accessories

Live the dream, and create new ones. The only limit is your imagination.  

ZHT is all about custom, so naturally this art form has extended into serving the Pro Street project world of retro car projects. If you have a one-off-car project underway and need your unique design machined give us a call. We will work with you and your car retro company (check out www.jfkustoms.com) on custom order machining from billet for your car modifications. Thinking of competition level shows like Motorama and SEMA , or want a Pro street car that turn heads — click Request a Quote and lets get those wheels rolling!

Contact us with your design ideas and we will give you a quote on making your dream car accessories a reality. Plus, for something straight off the shelf, check out our ZHT-Performance e-Commerce store for after-market accessories www.zht-p.com.

Custom Camera Accessories

If you are interested in adding something new to your camera, Zum Hingst Technologies may be able to help.Zum Hingst Technologies is familiar with supplying the camera world with a service that begins with our customer’s initial concept to a fully engineered accessory of precision-machined camera components and assemblies.  For purchase of existing camera accessories, please visit www.rapidwinder.com