Precision Aerospace Machining in BC: Helping Manage the Unseen Essential Services

As a business that delivers Precision Aerospace Machining in BC, ZHT understands that there are many essential services that are powered through their ‘business as usual’ regardless of the recognition of the hidden value.

As one of those business sectors that many are aware of mainly as end users, flying safely to sunny destinations, those of us in the machining world understand the many factors behind supporting the aerospace industry. This is an industry that requires a paramount level of due
diligence to stay on task and deliver products to aerospace manufacturers and their supply chain.

From commercial to industrial and military applications, aerospace engineering requires the utmost in precision – and Zum Hingst has been delivering on that for our BC community and beyond for over 40-years.
Precision Aerospace Machining in BC

Precision Aerospace Machining in BC

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Zum Hingst Technologies has supplied precision machined parts to our aerospace customers since 1978. We hold various approvals with major aerospace companies and are registered to ISO 9001 and AS 9100. Zum Hingst uses the most up-to-date technologies for data transfer and
manufacturing methods, such as high speed and 5-axis machining.

We work collaboratively with our customers to improve the machine-ability of their products, to be more cost effective and to achieve greater dimensional consistency. We continuously work on cost reduction, often in the double digit savings, based on long term contracts, to meet the ever increasing challenge of global competition.


Why It Matters to Employ CNC Artistry Beyond Skill

ZHT is a strong believer in development. Whether helping those studying in the field of CNC machining through our apprenticeship program, or offering our clients solutions through our ZHT passion projects. We know that effective designs and business solutions thrive within a collaborative and creative environment, and we’re proud to provide that.

We also couple creativity with technical skills, including a CAD/CAM Department that is able to read most electronic files supplied to us. We are licensed and proficient with the latest versions of software, including…
 Gibbs, Fusion
 Solid Works
 Open Mind
 JobBoss

We Prioritize Our Business Relationships for Optimal Results

As quoted by our VP of Zum Hingst Technologies in a previous blog… 

“I think of all relationships as a marriage, or partnership of like-minded parties working successfully toward common goals. All relationships – business and professional, require work, and since work has a cost, it also has inherent value. And, how you manage that work can return either a positive or negative result. Many of us are naturals at all the components that go into relationship building so we likely don’t break down the process – we just do it. But when you are in business it pays to be aware of the process that builds clear communication, trust, and ultimately an exchange of some value.”

– Kim Sheldon

Precision and respect for every industry we serve, is woven into the very culture of ZHT. Our customers rely on us for results, and we equally rely on them for clear direction. An effective process that has benefited everyone for decades – and counting.

Curious to know more about our Precision Aerospace Machining in BC? Contact our team by calling (604) 468-1991 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to finding the right solution for your business!