ZHT – Keeping Your Budget in Mind While Tackling BC’s Supply Chain

BC’s supply chain is breaking the budget for many businesses. With staffing shortages at ports around the world, combined with the ongoing Covid-19 crisis making an impact on workflow, the cost of supplies have gone up in all sectors.

Beyond the current increase in cost of goods; those of us in BC are also managing the impacts to supply chain in various communities due to recent flooding.

From road closures to support rescue operations in effected communities – it has highlighted the speed and skill to which we can adapt to the interim impacts to your supply chains and all moving parts. And while many communities are still struggling with supply issues, ZHT is on dry ground and here to help our customers manage their needs, and continue supplying their CNC machining projects.

ZHT – Keeping Your Budget in Mind While Tackling BC’s Supply Chain 

BC’s Supply Chain

Add to these challenges the increase in transport costs, the aforementioned supply and demand issues, labour shortages, as well as environmental variables. These events are occurring at levels seen on both a macro and micro level within our local community, as well as globally.

Such supply chain concerns work their way down to our customers, along with local individuals and their families. The issues the machining world is facing, and has managed over the last few years, is increased raw material costs – such as metals and plastics.

With these increases in costs, along with unpredictable timelines, and, in some cases, a loss of sub trade services altogether.

So – How Do We Manage Variables Outside of Our Control?

As a CNC high precision machine shop providing 3- 5 axis programming and machining, we understand multi-dimensional concepts and finding different approaches to difficult challenges all too well. We anticipate, we plan, and we adapt each plan using the tools available to us from decades of supply chain experience.

Perhaps, most importantly, we communicate with our customers. We find that by collaborating to find old and new solutions in a changing world, we can continually arrive at better solutions.

We move forward, part by part, shipment by shipment, challenge by challenge – all while we continue to grow and build our supply chains to service our customers’ demands.

We recognize the emerging reality of emergency situations, and as such, ZHT has been vigilant in implementing an Emergency Preparedness Plan to safeguard production and customer materials due to natural events such as fire, wind, flooding, and now – pandemics.  

Our hearts are with those struggling in our BC community right now with both the floods, and the ongoing reality of Covid-19. We are here to help your business in any way we can to tackle infrastructure needs or solutions.

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