CNC Machining in Port Coquitlam: Passionate People Creating Precision Projects

ZHT is proud to – not only provide CNC Machining in Port Coquitlam, but to be surrounded by passionate people creating precision projects!

In our industry, precision is a factor that is imperative to the end result of each and every project. And here at ZHT, we don’t consider this a ‘tedious task’; rather – an opportunity to create both necessary parts and awesome designs alike.

Passionate People Creating Precision Projects

As described in our previous blog post: Live the Dream, Create New Ones: The Only Limit is Your Imagination:

We are a big supporter of learning in the machining world, and that includes helping to educate our customers on what’s possible with their machined parts.

Thinking of competition level shows like Motorama and SEMA? Always desired to have a Pro Streetcar that turns heads? Request a Quote and allow us to help you get those wheels rolling!

Clearly, we never shy away from a passion project. We invite them in on any scale of the imagination.

Although our CNC Machining services include industries such as:

Our ZHT Passion Page also fills our readers in on the fact that we are …

…a well-established machine shop with high-end quality and active engagement in product realization we have many long-term customers, and we service corporate supply chains. The formula to this success is that we enjoy what we do – we have a passion.  Naturally, this passion flows into creating our own products and exploring our art.

CNC Machining in Port Coquitlam – Local and Loving Life!

Beyond exploring our art and serving our customer’s needs, our 14,000 square foot CNC Machining shop in Port Coquitlam also serves our community with employment opportunities, as well as apprenticeship opportunities. We love training those who have a passion for machining, and have been doing so since 1977.

Curious to know more? Contact us today to inquire about our CNC Machining in Port Coquitlam, or with any other questions you may have. We look forward to it!

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