The Benefits of Quality CNC Medical Machining in Port Coquitlam

When it comes to machined components for medical equipment, quality truly matters. This is where ZHT comes in, we provide our customers with the benefits of quality CNC medical machining in Port Coquitlam

CNC Medical Machining in Port Coquitlam

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Zum Hingst Technologies has years of expertise in manufacturing various precision components for the medical industry where cosmetics, precision and cleanliness are paramount requirements.

We are well versed in the medical industry’s requirements for aesthetically pleasing parts manufactured within controlled conditions.

By building client relationships based on excellent communication and backed up with the confidence our quality provides, ZHT has been able to help the medical community find ongoing solutions to their evolving needs.

Why CNC Machining is Vital to the Medical Device Manufacturing Industry does an excellent job at explaining why CNC machining is so important to the medical industry…
CNC machining for the medical industry plays an integral role, adding to the overall quality of medical devices. The fact that there are millions of products manufactured using CNC machining is a testament to its importance in the medical device manufacturing industry. 

It’s an efficient, reliable method that allows manufacturers to create high-precision parts. When you consider that countless lives are saved by medical devices each year, it quickly becomes clear why this technology is so popular amongst medical manufactures; lives depend on their

The Benefits of Quality CNC Medical Machining at ZHT

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As a CNC high precision machine shop providing 3- 5 axis programming and machining, we understand multi-dimensional concepts and finding different approaches to difficult challenges all too well. We anticipate, we plan, and we adapt each plan using the tools available to us from decades of supply chain experience

Perhaps, most importantly, we communicate with our customers. We find that by collaborating to find old and new solutions in a changing world, we can continually arrive at better solutions.

In addition, the high-accuracy and precision engineering of CNC machining allows these parts to be replicated as needed with low variances within the tolerance required. The ability to manufacture complex geometrics for industry-specific parts is often necessary, and we deliver on this with the confidence experience offers us.

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