Shout Out to the Skill of CNC Machining, Innovation and Passion Fueled Projects in 2022!

We want to wrap up 2021 with a well-deserved shout out to the skill of CNC machining, as well as the endless innovation involved in the industry.

Zum Hingst Technologies and our team thrive on such innovation, and the creative aspects of multi-axis, CNC machining. Which is part of our mission here at ZHT – staying involved with other businesses manufacturing products with machined parts. A collaborative effort we employ within our industry sector, and are endlessly proud to do so!

The Art of Pivoting Our Skills in CNC Machining Amidst Supply Chain Issues

We love to incorporate our stable supply chains and programming abilities with projects that serve our local customers here in British Columbia, coast-to-coast across Canada, straight into the USA and across the pond to Europe.

It is the passion of delivering specialized CNC machining services that pulls us forward in the multi-axis, CNC precision machining world, regardless of the challenges we face.

As discussed in our blog ZHT – Keeping Your Budget in Mind While Tackling BC’s Supply Chain

BC’s supply chain is breaking the budget for many businesses. With staffing shortages at ports around the world, combined with the ongoing Covid-19 crisis making an impact on workflow, the cost of supplies have gone up in all sectors.

From road closures to support rescue operations in effected communities – it has highlighted the speed and skill to which we can adapt to the interim impacts to your supply chains and all moving parts. And while many communities are still struggling with supply issues, ZHT is on dry ground and here to help our customers manage their needs, and continue supplying their CNC machining projects


Taking Our Innovation in 2021 Into Passion Fueled Projects in 2022 

Over the last few years we have stepped up to the increasing demand for one-off, machined billeted parts in the custom car build automotive sector. Working with acclaimed award winning one-off shops who design and create SEMA quality exhibition builds, we are excited to showcase a few of these custom machined part within our ZHT passion projects.

As the saying goes: “a picture tells 1000 words”. Which rings true for our 2021 one-off billeted, machined parts for car enthusiast custom builds. This includes a recent new build that you can follow in the future.

This Factory Five Coupe will be sporting our own ZHT-P designed, CNC billeted machine car parts – some of which are seen below…

In addition, we currently have several more ideas on the drawing board. Be sure to check in with us at:

or contact us for updates or your own project creation of interest that our CNC machining expertise could help you with.

As our ZHT President – Patricia believes that: “Creating beauty through machining is part of the ZHT tradition and I am proud to continue this artisan principle, bringing our, or your, custom designs and ideas to reality”.

Thank you to everyone who has helped in making our 2021 such a challenging accomplishment.

We wish you all a very merry holiday season, and look forward to more exciting wins in 2022!