Precision Commercial Machining in BC: Providing Unique Solutions for Specific Needs

Regardless of production quantities needed, Zum Hingst Technologies can accommodate your business requirements with our Precision Commercial Machining in BC.

We understand that every commercial business has their own unique challenges and needs. Our aim is to help streamline everything from backend processes, to front-end displays.

As CNC specialists in Port Coquitlam, our experience comes with the knowledge that one size does not fit all. We are here to hold the conversations needed to arrive at the right fit for your precision commercial machining needs.

Whether locally here in BC, or across Canada – we are here to help!

Precision Commercial Machining in BC

Commercial Machining in BC

As mentioned on our Commercial Machining Page:

Zum Hingst Technologies serves a large variety of commercial industries. We work collaboratively with our customers and do our utmost to achieve cost savings and product improvement. Our consistent performance has earned the respect of our customers.


As a collaborative company, the Precision Commercial Machining services we deliver involves various conversations. Both our clients, as well as those of us turning your ideas into a solution.

Although, through our collective years of experience, we have managed to fine-tune these conversations. This allows us to come to a solution quickly, helping you get the products you need in a timely manner.

The Benefit of Doing What You Love

ZHT does not shy away from the fact that this industry is our true passion. Whether creating products, or educating those who come into our facility to enhance their education; what we do truly matters to us.

Our commercial customers are able to share in the experience we have gained working with the very specialized industries that we service. This helps reduce cost by improving the manufacturability of a given part.

As described in our previous blog post: Live the Dream, Create New Ones: The Only Limit is Your Imagination:

Zum Hingst Technologies is passionate about what we do, and our passion-projects vary depending on the needs of our clients as well as what is trending within various industries.

Curious to know more? Contact us today to inquire about our Precision Commercial Machining in BC, or with any other questions you may have. We look forward to it!

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