Live the Dream & Create New Ones: The Only Limit is Your Imagination

Zum Hingst Technologies is passionate about what we do, and our passion-projects vary depending on the needs of our clients as well as what is trending within various industries.

Currently our Custom Car Billet Accessories – such as this machined key, along with other auto accessories made specifically for car aficionados, have taken off at lightning speed.

We are thrilled to display a wide-range of our work, showcasing different components for the Anvil and beyond – as seen here.

Imagination Station at ZHT

Beyond having a passion for what we do on the business side of things, ZHT is also excited for the ‘play’ aspect of our custom designs that we deliver for our clients. Which, naturally, our custom art-form has extended into serving the Pro Street world of retro car projects.

Have a one-off-car project underway and need a unique design machined? Give us a call! We will work with you and your Retro Car Company on custom ordered machining, from billet, for your car modifications.

The Art of Machining

CNC Machining isn’t simply about precision aerospace parts, medical equipment or providing solutions for commercial industries. Since 1977 our in-house retrofitted machine tools have been helping us lead the way in advanced manufacturing and specialized parts, while honing our skills for custom design work.

Whether utilizing our state-of-the art computer technology or spearheading projects from a creative standpoint – we have the ability to provide superior quality and creative solutions for our customers through the custom art of machining!

CNC Machining – Custom Auto Parts & Gifts

We are a big supporter of learning in the machining world, and that includes helping to educate our customers on what’s possible with their machined parts.

Thinking of competition level shows like Motorama and SEMA? Always desired to have a Pro Streetcar that turn heads? Request a Quote and allow us to help you get those wheels rolling!

Curious about collectables and fandom merchandise? Check them out here. Seeking a custom gift order? Put that in motion here.

Contact us with your design ideas and we will provide you with a quote on making your dream car accessories a reality.

Plus, for something straight off the shelf, check out our ZHT-Performance e-Commerce store for after-market accessories