Precision Aerospace Machining & Medical Machined Parts: Choosing a Consistent Provider During Turbulent Times

Supply chain issues have had an impact on industries worldwide; and the Lower Mainland has experienced the strain of longer lead times and volatile pricing.

At ZHT, it has remained important to us to ensure we are a consistent provider of Precision Aerospace Machining and Medical Machined parts, along with supporting our other commercial customers with their CNC needs and prototyping projects. We understand that time is money, and waiting for vital parts for assemblies, and to maintain forecasts for business operations matters to our us and clients. That’s what we’re here for – a stable supply of precision machined parts!

Choosing a Consistent Provider During Turbulent Times

Choosing the right precision machining company matters, where its for your medical, aerospace, or commercial needs, because precision and accuracy are critical to companies requiring AS9100, ISO 9001 or the strict adherence to aerospace and medical industry standards. Nonconforming manufactured parts can lead to delays, increased costs, supply chain blockages, or if an escape – equipment failure and potential safety hazards. A reputable and experienced company has the necessary skills, equipment, people and quality control measures in place to produce high-quality, reliable parts that meet industry standards and regulations. Coupled with quality assurance and control of critical dimensions, a reliable company must deliver parts on time (OTD) and in line with cost estimates – all of which ZHT prides themselves in achieving, year over year, for decades.

Precision Aerospace Machining

Precision Aerospace Machining

As mentioned on our Aerospace page

Zum Hingst Technologies has supplied precision machined parts to our aerospace customers since 1978. We hold various approvals with major aerospace companies and are registered to ISO 9001 and AS 9100.

Over the years our services have expanded to service many medical companies and their growing endoscopy and medical device sector.

We work collaboratively with our customers to improve the machine-ability of their products, to be more cost effective and to achieve greater dimensional consistency. We continuously work on cost reduction, often in the double digit savings, based on long term contracts, to meet the ever increasing challenge of global competition.

Such competition has greatly been challenged over the past couple of years with the aforementioned supply issues. ZHT has been able to largely bypass this problem for various reasons – as we discussed in out blog  Keeping Your Budget in Mind While Tackling BC’s Supply Chain

From road closures to support rescue operations in effected communities – it has highlighted the speed and skill to which we can adapt to the interim impacts to your supply chains and all moving parts. And while many communities are still struggling with supply issues, ZHT is on dry ground and here to help our customers manage their needs, and continue supplying their CNC machining projects.

If you are seeking Precision Aerospace Machining, or precision CNC machining for any other industry; contact our team by calling (604) 468-1991, fill out our contact form, or visit our office at 1452 Spitfire Place in Port Coquitlam.