Why We Prioritize Our Business Relationships

To give you some insight into the culture of ZHT, we thought we’d chat about the value of a solid, long term business relationship. 

 “I think of all relationships as a marriage, or partnership of like-minded parties working successfully toward common goals. All relationships – business and professional, require work, and since work has a cost, it also has inherent value. And, how you manage that work can return either a positive or negative result. Many of us are naturals at all the components that go into relationship building so we likely don’t break down the process – we just do it. But when you are in business it pays to be aware of the process that builds clear communication, trust, and ultimately an exchange of some value.” – Kim Sheldon, VP of Zum Hingst Technologies. 

Understanding Our Customers 

Building and maintaining strong relationships play an important role within Zum Hingst Technologies company culture. We have an excellent KPI scoring for customer service, which is reflected in our reputation for quality and precision within the CNC machining community of Canada

First, we work with you to understand your needs. These are generally technical to start but soon expand to extra services like machining improvements, programming, inspection, material and processing requirements, delivery, QMS requirements and at the very end – price. That’s a lot of communicating. So once that foundation has been laid it enables us to offer you a greater value which translates into the quality results linked to your goals. These services are balanced within a price reflective of all of these values. 

The Return of a Value-Based Investment

We understand budgets, and that target pricing is a balance between what is doable and what the market is going to pay. Yet we also know price is only one, and it could easily be argued that it often carries more weight than it can afford.  For example: if your cheaper part is late, has to be expedited and has quality issues when it arrives you need to ask yourself – are you receiving the value you need or the value you paid for? Is your team meeting their long-term goals, or are you incurring greater costs by saving a small amount in one step of a complex process? If you are offered a low price at the start, but have issues with supplier KPIs, communication and service, then you need to look closely at what that supplier is costing your team. These are all pieces to the puzzle that create a cohesive and long-lasting partnership.

At Zum Hingst Technologies, we know this is a partnership and that all of these services combined make us a preferred supplier for both our long-term, and newly acquired customers. Building a relationship with our customers matters a great deal to us, and we will work with you to achieve quality, delivery and value pricing – because that’s a great relationship.