ZHT is Growing! Now Hiring CNC Machinist’s in Port Coquitlam

After over four and a half decades in business, ZHT is humbled and excited to continue to grow our local Precision CNC business. And such growth means we are hiring CNC Machinist’s in Port Coquitlam!

Why Choosing to Work Local Matter

There are several reasons why someone might choose to work as a local CNC Machinist, some of which include:

  • Job Stability: CNC machining is a specialized field with a consistent demand for skilled machinists in various industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and manufacturing. Working as a local CNC Machinist can provide job stability and an exciting opportunity for growth through our local, longstanding business.
  • Career Growth Opportunities: As a local CNC Machinist, you can gain experience in different types of machining operations, working with various materials and operating different types of machinery.
  • Hands-On Work: If you enjoy working with your hands, CNC machining provides advanced machinery, tools, and cutting-edge technology to produce precise parts according to specifications. The process of designing, programming, setting up, and operating CNC machines can be intellectually stimulating and satisfying. As well, with the ZHT Passion side of our business – it offers a platform for endless creativity!
  • Pride in Craftsmanship: CNC machining is a precision-oriented field, producing accurate and high-quality parts for other industries in our community – which can offer a collective sense of pride working with other community-minded businesses.

Overall, working as a local CNC Machinist in Port Coquitlam can provide stability, career growth, hands-on work, competitive compensation and pride in craftsmanship, making it an attractive career choice for those interested in precision machining and manufacturing.

Hiring CNC Machinist’s in Port Coquitlam: Why ZHT?

Hiring CNC Machinist’s in Port Coquitlam

So who is ZHT and why should you choose us as your employer? As mentioned on our About page

We are recognized as a first and second-tier supplier of JIT quality parts to the aerospace industry, and the medical and commercial manufacturing sectors.

We are industry leaders and leading edge R&D entrepreneurs endorse our company because they can trust us to work with them from design concept to delivery and beyond.

Our friendly and open approach encourages transparent communication geared to supporting our team and achieving goals inside our company and alongside our customers.

Plus, we offer a 14,000 square foot facility from which to hone your craft!

Ready to get your career started as a CNC Machinist in Port Coquitlam? ZHT would love to hear from you. Email us at [email protected], include your cover letter, resume and credentials – and we would be happy to review your application!