What Happens When a LB3000 Lathe is Introduced to a Highly Experienced Lathe Machinist?

At ZHT, we are known for our niche expertise in high precision 5-axis machining using our Hermle work centres. Add that to our collective experience and expertise in the CNC machining field overall, and you have the makings of some sophisticated, highly accurate proto-typing and production for your product designs!

Plus, and we don’t keep this a secret – we have a top lathe machinist who can handle some of the toughest turning work in Canada and the USA.

Skill + the Okuma LB3000: EX Lathe = Precision Parts

Using the right tools is essential for any job. And when it comes to high-precision CNC machining – the Okuma LB3000 lathe is definitely the right tool for accuracy and precision.

Equipped with Okuma’s high-power, high-torque PREX motor, this machine delivers high-quality machining from heavy- to high-speed cutting. The operator-friendly, open-architecture OSP-P control makes this machine not only easy to operate, but also to integrate with other peripheral equipment. A wide variety of bed lengths, bore sizes, and options—including live tooling.


See the latest EXII LB3000 lathe from Okuma in action here.

CNC Machining: Precision 5-Axis Machining Explained

Curious about the 5-axis machining tool we use? This webcast offers some great insight as to why it’s a superior machine.

The capabilities of a 5-axis machine can open doors to creating more complex parts; from fixturing to functionality.

High Efficiency 5-Axis Machining Benefits Include:

  • Maximum diameter workpieces along with low centre of gravity workpiece movement
  • Heavy duty cutting and highspeed finish with unparalleled accuracy
  • Minimal waste thanks to the thermo-friendly structure that delivers high dimensional accuracy

As mentioned on our home page

Zum Hingst Technologies has pioneered computer controlled machining since 1977 using in-house retrofitted machine tools leading the way in advanced manufacturing as a major supplier of specialized machining services. By combining state-of-the-art computer technology and our many years of machining experience, We have the ability to offer a product that is of superior quality, on time, at competitive prices.

The quest for quality and perfection has been instrumental in our success and steady growth.

Which is why we choose high precision 5-axis machining and the LB3000 lathe when creating our client’s precision parts. Perfection isn’t a bad word here at ZHT, as we deliver precise parts to each of our clients regardless of their project – and thrilled to do so!