The Art of Machining – Precision Machining Requires More Than Just Machines

At Zum Hingst Technologies in Port Coquitlam, BC – we believe in educating the next generation of Precision CNC and Lathe Machinist. We have opened our doors for over 4-decades to dozens of students who come to learn the ‘tricks of the trade’, gleaning valuable insights from the generations before them.

We recognize the ongoing need for skilled CNC and Lathe Machinist throughout the Lower Mainland and across Canada, with a noticeable lack of those both trained and talented in this field. Which we are here to help bring awareness to, and change!

Precision CNC and Lathe Machinist in BC – Training vs Talent

A lack of talented machine shop labour has been an active topic of conversation among precision machine shops across BC for over several decades, which can definitely be a limiting factor for any machine shop planning an expansion of their milling and lathe services.

While Zum Hingst Technologies has always been keen on investing in new, ultra-high precision 4 to 5 axis CNC milling machines – like our Hermle C42 and C30, our first consideration within our Precision CNC and Lathe Machinists is usually who will run these high-quality CNC machines over time, and who has the training and talent to do so. 

We have discovered that the ‘training vs talent’ issue can be attributed to several factors…

  • The low supply of quality CNC machine centres in the Western Canadian market
  • The low number of young people entering the CNC and lathe machinist trades, which seems to be more the key factor

The Importance of Precision CNC and Lathe Machinist Internships in BC

Our contributing to the CNC machining industry in Western Canada involves our support within local trade schools, as well as our active input on how to improve student intakes overall.

Zum Hingst Technologies provides internships and foundational type programs, supporting high school students with summer hiring programs, giving them exposure to the trades, as well as the advantage of credit towards their high school grades. This kind of two-way exposure allows us to seek out a compatible relationship with young machinists and focus on growing them within Zum Hingst Technologies.

This approach tends to be enjoyable for the students as well as our team mentors, allowing for goals to be readily set and highly achievable for talented prodigies. These reward-based programs are set, monitored and evaluated on a regular basis, with increasing input from the student as they develop their machining skills within the organization.

It is a path that tends to build a tailor-made solution for aspiring Precision CNC and Lathe Machinist in BC, and machine shops like Zum Hingst. With our ultra-high precision CNC machining needs, and a relationship of trust and loyalty within the ZHT team, we anticipate great trained and talented leaders to start flooding the field as we create awareness and bolster a passion within the industry!