Thank You for Helping Us Help YOU in 2022: Here’s to a Successful 2023 for All!

ZHT would like to thank our immediate Port Coquitlam community, as well as the Lower Mainland community at large – for supporting small businesses this past year. It has been a struggle for many, but despite that, we collectively came together to support one another.

So thank you for helping us help YOU in 2022. Now let’s move on to even greater success in 2023!

Creating a Successful 2023

Successful 2023

At ZHT, our CNC machining process allows for the precise and automated production of parts and components. This comes with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability for businesses who require parts and processes to help with their company thrive.

Apart from those who utilize our machined parts; there are also those who seek to create them. And as a business that is passionate about the CNC machining apprenticeship program we are a part of, we are well-versed in what kind of understanding students of the trade will need coming into this industry – which include:

  • Understanding the principles of CNC machining and the capabilities and limitations of the various machine tools used in the process.
  • Being familiar with the software and programming languages used to control the machine tools.
  • Having a strong understanding of machining techniques and the properties of different materials, as well as the tools and equipment used in the machining process.
  • Being able to read and interpret technical drawings and blueprints, and to use precision measuring instruments to ensure the accuracy of finished parts.
  • Having good problem-solving skills and the ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues that may arise during the machining process.

In addition to these technical skills, students will also need to have good attention to detail, good manual dexterity, and the ability to work safely and effectively in a workshop environment.

Whether you are a business seeking our services, or a CNC student seeking an apprenticeship in 2023, we look forward to further enhancing the success of those around us in the coming year!