Precision Medical Machining: Cutting-Edge Technology to Advance Healthcare

Zum Hingst Technologies has over 20 years of expertise in manufacturing Precision Medical Machining. We provide various precision components for the OEM medical industry where precision, and cleanliness are paramount requirements.

Along with our signature ability to provide ultra-high precision machined parts, we are strong in our customer service. More and more we are asked to do specialized cleaning and parts packaging for our medical industry-related customers. Awareness of the impacts of foreign objects (FOD), that may be present post-machining, is one important step-in modern-day machining services.

Our objective is continual improvement of our quality management and services to the customer. W evolve as their needs evolve with changing market demands – and this is how we do it.

Employing Cutting-Edge Technology to Advance Healthcare

As we are all aware, the healthcare industry is often under a lot of strain here in BC. So now more than ever, precision is paramount in ‘getting it right the first time’.

Our Precision Medical Machining provides an innovative approach that combines multi-axis and advanced machining techniques for parts used in medical applications. These processes result in components that ultimately play a crucial role in medical diagnostics, treatment, and patient care.

Understanding Precision Medical Machining

Precision Medical Machining involves the use of highly advanced machinery to manufacture high-tolerance and precise components for medical devices. These components can range from surgical instruments and implants to diagnostic equipment and prosthetics. The goal is to achieve extremely tight tolerances and precision to ensure the highest quality and functionality of the final medical product.

In addition, the appearance of the part can play a key role in the final product that the customer interacts with. Parts have strict surfacing and deburr free requirements to assist assembly and final product presentation and use.

Key Technologies of Precision Medical Machining

o Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining
o Micro-Machining
o Micro-inspection
o Ultrasonic cleaning
o Materials Expertise -plastics and alloy metals
o Quality Control, statistical process and first article inspection

Applications in Healthcare Can Include…
o Orthopedic Implants
o Cardiovascular Devices
o Neurosurgical Instruments
o Diagnostics and Imaging Equipment

As with any of our service-centric products, our aim is to drive innovation through cutting-edge machining technologies and skill. And as technology continues to evolve, our services are capable of playing a central role in shaping the future of healthcare through precision and medical parts.

ZHT Precision Medical Machining

Precision Medical Machining

As discussed on our Precision Medical Machining page

At ZHT, we are well versed in the medical industry’s requirements for aesthetically pleasing
parts manufactured within controlled conditions. We are proud to work with companies that
specialize in diagnostic equipment, that utilize our high precision work.

Curious to know more? Contact us today with your healthcare precision parts needs. We look forward to it!

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Looking to be part of an open, friendly company which has led the way in advanced and high
precision machining for over 40 years – apply to Zum Hingst Technologies. We are growing,
and looking for an experienced CNC machinist, CNC lathe person, or a skilled person to assist
our quality team with parts deburring, cleaning, and micro-inspection.