Port Coquitlam Commercial Machining: Discovering Business Solutions Together

As a Port Coquitlam Commercial Machining company, ZHT loves discovering business solutions together with our community.

Living amongst such diversity across the Lower Mainland – and Canada as a whole; the people are as vast as the landscape and so too are their business needs. Which is where we come in to collaborate on both ideas, and solutions!

Discovering Business Solutions Together 

Zum Hingst Technologies delivers our precision CNC machining services to an array of commercial industries. And although precision is very much in the makeup of what we do, this is not an industry of ‘one size fits all’.

Rather, our work is very collaborative with the clients we serve. As such, seeking to uncover the ‘what’ is as important to us as discovering the ‘why’ and the ‘how’. Meaning: what each customer will be using a machined product for, why it is important to their industry, and how we can help them with everything from mass replication to entirely new and innovative ideas. Such ideas can deliver everything from…

  • More cost efficient ways to do business
  • Slight variations for entirely new outcomes
  • Added product or service capabilities within an industry
  • …and more

Port Coquitlam Commercial Machining

At ZHT, our Port Coquitlam Commercial Machining service is tasked with intricate precision work. And, honestly – we love it!

We want that to shine through in everything we do. From basic parts, to intricate passion projects and beyond.

We are proud to say that our consistent performance has earned the respect of our customers. In addition, decades of experience and a wide-range of industry sectors allows us to bring a wealth of know-how to any project we collaborate on.

Even throughout the pandemic and into supply chain issues, we continued to press forward and help find the much-needed parts and solutions our customers rely on.

Curious to know more? Contact us to inquire more about our Port Coquitlam Commercial Machining services, or any other CNC machining project you may need addressed.

We are happy to help and excited to do so!