Optical Precision Machining: The Creation of Modern Optics With Traditional Know-How

At ZHT, we know that in the optical world, microns are taken very seriously. Which is why our optical precision machining is so …precise.

In addition, we understand the need for machinery that can manage modern optics, yet the value of traditional know-how to get the job done right. We are confident in our ability to marry both without skipping a beat!

Optical Precision Machining

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We make use of our 4-axis and 5-axis Hermle Machining Centres to achieve machining tolerances measured in microns. With this capability we successfully cater to the optical industry’s requirements for machined parts such as lens tubes and lens mounts. These ultra-high precision parts are machined and inspected in our temperature controlled environment.

Our decades of experience, exposure and execution to numerous optical machining projects, as well as expertly crafting solutions for our clients in a wide-range of industries; allows us to be equal part diverse, well-versed, and adaptable to the ever-changing ‘moving parts’ this industry is known for.

The Creation of Modern Optics With Traditional Know-How

Precision machining of optical component has definitely stepped into a new era. While the non-complex parts still harness the value of traditional know-how and conventional procedures; more modern optics require multi-axis machinery to complete the task. Which we expertly manage regardless of complexity or dimensional accuracy.

When it comes to the final inspection of optical precision machining projects we complete, they are often performed under a microscope to assure the required surface finishes are blemish free and contain no foreign object damage.

Precision cutting requires a very tight tolerance, especially when it comes to micro-sized optical parts. In addition, arriving at optimal surface qualities, within the fraction of a micrometer these projects require, demands such aforementioned expertise.

We proudly wield the CNC precision machining skills requires, backed by – not only knowledge, but a passion for complex geometries and 3D parts.

If you would like more information on optical machining, call us at (604) 468-1991 or visit our machining shop at 1452 Spitfire in Place Port Coquitlam. We look forward to it!