Meet the Locals: Why Female Owned & Operated Businesses Matter for Future Generations

As mentioned in our Canadian Business Trends blog post:

‘As a female-owned, second-generation Canadian business, the all-female management of ZHT are aware that they represent a minority in the high-precision CNC manufacturing industry of Vancouver. And they acknowledge that this representation contributes to creating positive role models for current and future generations of business owners, and all individuals entering machining and manufacturing in Canada.’

We believe that being a female owned and operated business matters for future generations, especially as it relates to girls seeking careers in STEM.

Understanding the STEM Gap in Society
There is a big push for females to fill in the STEM gap. ‘STEM’ represents science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and as male-dominated fields, empowering girls to jump on board and champion these arenas is important. Not only can it bring diversity to careers backed by STEM, but also offer an entirely different thought process to the status quo. Something ZHT lives, promotes and assists with in training females in!

High-Precision Machining Services: aerospace, defense, medical, remote sensing, construction and commercial machinery sectors.

At Zum Hingst Technologies, we are recognized – not only as a female-run business, but as a first and second-tier supplier of JIT quality parts to the aerospace industry such as Boeing, Bombardier, Bell Helicopter. As well, we provide machining within the medical and commercial manufacturing sectors too.

 A critical supplier for international endoscopy manufactures
 Winner of the aerospace Supplier of the Year award
 Multiple supplier awards recipient by Canon Industries
 Confident we are a strong link in meeting todays supply chain demands
 ZHT: Training Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

Working with and for entrepreneurs is often a trust-fall process. Big ideas come with big risk; but implementing a process we know is backed by a ‘STEM’ process gives us the confidence needed to take on a wide variety of cutting-edge projects.

Our clients trust us to work with them from design concept to delivered completion, and our machining innovation, software technology and traditional artisan craftsmanship is valued.

As female business leaders in the community, we have been helping customers and those interested in entering our trade for over 4-decades.

Whether you are interested in joining our team or seeking to hire us – feel free to contact: [email protected] to discuss. We love being part of our Pacific Northwest community, helping both clients and trainees alike, and look forward to continuing to help our community at large!