Medical Service High-Precision Machining: Solutions for a Sterile Business

Zum Hingst Technologies proudly offers medical service high-precision machining the medical device industry. We understand the importance of providing solutions for a sterile business, especially during these unprecedented times.

With over 4-decades in the community of CNC machining in Port Coquitlam, ZHT offers the expertise in manufacturing precision medical industry parts, which our clients have come to expect. Our CNC machining is able to deliver on both the technical needs, as well as trend-setting solutions within this sector. Regardless of what era we have found ourselves in, or what crisis has had to be addressed, we have the flexibility and creative skillset to provide manufacturing solutions.

Regardless of what type of medical industry your company falls under, our surface finishing results combined with our ability to machine high-precision stainless and aluminum parts for our medical equipment, is an essential service we deliver to your essential service and supply chain via our Precision Medical Machining.

Award Winning Precision Medical Machining in Coquitlam

We are recognized in the aerospace industry (Boeing, Bombardier, Bell Helicopter), and the medical and commercial manufacturing sectors. As a critical supplier for international endoscopy manufactures and winner of aerospace ‘Supplier of the Year’ awards, as well as multiple supplier awards by Canon Industries, we are confident that we provide a strong link to meeting todays supply chain demands.

We also believe that winning awards isn’t about the bragging rights, but rather – the ability to provide solutions to our community.

Why Our Local Business Understands Sterile Business Needs

A ‘sterile business’ is often what company owners want to avoid. But when it comes to Covid-19, businesses across BC – and Worldwide, are seeking ways to help promote the health and safety of their company.

Whether for their immediate employees or for a revolving door of customers, high-traffic areas need the right sterile solutions for quick and effective maintenance of a safe, clean environment. Your design needs to meet this growing demand, which can be serviced by our experience and capacity to manufacture CNC machined parts or full-spectrum business equipment.

Operating from our 14,000-square-foot facility in Coquitlam, we deliver our services and your products to you consistently, cost-effectively, on time and always within budget.

We truly love what we do, and offering our customers solutions for their business is how we are able to help our community thrive.

If your medical industry is seeking sterile solutions, we would be more than happy to discuss your ideas, helping you arrive at a quick and affordable way to maintain ‘business as usual’ – when it has been anything but!