Make a Statement with Custom Machined Parts in Port Coquitlam

Zum Hingst Technologies is not only proud to deliver a vast array of precision CNC machining
projects, but we are also thrilled to offer Custom Machined Parts in Port Coquitlam through our
ZHT passion projects!

As mentioned on our ZHT Passion page

As a well-established machine shop with high-end quality and active engagement in product
realization, we have many long-term customers and corporate supply chains. The formula to
this success is that we enjoy what we do – we have a passion.  Naturally, this passion flows into
creating our own products and exploring our art. Our ZHT Passion page celebrates the Zum
Hingst family and team; our process, the fun of the creative, and embracing the vocation of
being a machinist.

Curious how our passion projects can translate into a work of art for your business, home,
wedding, personal enjoyment – or endless other functions? Keep reading!

Custom Machined Parts in Port Coquitlam

Our in-house custom machined parts in Port Coquitlam are designed with you in mind. Whether
choosing material such as stainless or aluminum billet, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the
projects we can design and create.

Pick from our line of shooter cups, engraved plaques, or other personalised creations such as
our custom machined belt buckles, gas caps and mount, shifters, picture frames and aluminium
boxes. Check out our Etsy page here.

Or… if you have your own ideas, put us to task with your custom design, with ideas such as…
Automotive one-off custom billet machining

ZHT has worked with custom car companies, like JF Kustoms in Osoyoos British Columbia (as
seen on Rust Valley Restoration), and for SEMA car projects. We custom machine billeted car
parts designed by you or your car resto company. These CNC machined showstoppers are
featured on SEMA entries and will take you to the next level in competition at national car

Custom Machined Parts in Port Coquitlam

Promotional Signs or Eye-Catching Centre Pieces

Another fun and impactful idea is to design and manufacture custom signage for homes,
businesses, or events. CNC machining can help create precise and eye-catching signs with
intricate details.

Curious to know more or have an idea you would like to discuss? Check out our
Etsy page here or our creations on Facebook. Or feel free to contact us for more details!