Machined Parts in Port Coquitlam: Understanding the Value of ‘Value Added Services’ at ZHT

As a high-precision machining company delivering machined parts in Port Coquitlam, ZHT is proud of the precision work we deliver for our customers. In addition, we are an advocate for local businesses who help their communities thrive; especially over the past couple of years when the struggle became very real.

Throughout dealing with shutdowns and the remaining supply chain issues; ZHT has stayed diligent in delivering our products, as well as ensuring we maintained our value-added service, regardless of the circumstances impacting BC and global supply chains. Stable supply and a continued commitment value added services something we want to highlight for our reading audience – The Value of ‘Value Added Services’ at ZHT!

Understanding the Value of ‘Value Added Services’ at ZHT

Businesses may often neglect to highlight where they add value for their customers. However, we feel it is important to explicitly understand how a company supports services to their customers and other suppliers, also an important part of their business continuity; especially when making buying decisions.

So – how does ZHT add in value to our services?

Doing business with us ensures you receive support both before and after you have your parts machined. In addition, we are highly experienced in supply chain management, and this is a high component of the relationship we offer. Without this support, the chain malfunctions and does not flow freely.

We recently spoke to supply chain concerns in our blog: ‘Keeping Your Budget in Mind While Tackling BC’s Supply Chain’ here, stating…

BC’s supply chain is breaking the budget for many businesses. With staffing shortages at ports around the world, combined with the ongoing Covid-19 crisis making an impact on workflow, the cost of supplies have gone up in all sectors.

Add to these challenges the increase in transport costs, the aforementioned supply and demand issues, labour shortages, as well as environmental variables. These events are occurring at levels seen on both a macro and micro level within our local community, as well as globally.

As a CNC high precision machine shop providing 3- 5 axis programming and machining, we understand multi-dimensional concepts and finding different approaches to difficult challenges all too well. We anticipate, we plan, and we adapt each plan using the tools available to us from decades of supply chain experience.

Machined Parts in Port Coquitlam

We are proud to have been part of the Port Coquitlam community since 1977, offering machined parts throughout the decades. Starting off with retrofit machined tools, pure grit and a lot of know-how; we now lead the way with advanced precision machinery – while still fueled by grit and said know-how!

By combining state-of-the-art computer technology and our many years of machining experience, we have the ability to offer a product that is of superior quality, on time, at competitive prices.

On top of the value (and values) we bring to the table, we also find that our communication style with customers is recognized, and is commented on consistently. Our ability to talk to our customers, and then offer the support our staff requires to excel in their roles, provides hands-on experience at all levels, keeping supply chain management in full-effect.

As the reality of increasing costs and supply issues remain, with turbulence around pricing and delivery times, our goal also remains: to manage risks while working with customers to secure raw materials based on their long range forecasts. This ensures their component  parts can be made and delivered locally, or within the geographic scope needed by our customers.

We love what we do and the value we bring to our products and services, understanding that: “The quest for quality and perfection has been instrumental in our success and steady growth.”