Getting Creative with Machining: Custom Camera Accessories Making a ‘Flash’!

Whether you’re a social media influencer, a high-profile photographer, or simply someone looking for the perfect gift for the photog-hobbyist in your life – our newly inspired ZHT Passion page might be of interest to you!

Over here at ZHT, we have been busy getting creative with our machining and our customers innovative designs. We are proud to promote the One-Off Industrial Designs custom camera accessories are as just one of various creative passion projects that are making a ‘flash’, with many others in request and on display.

Trending CNC Machining Projects
Zum Hingst Technologies shares a strong history of working creatively with a customer’s concept to fully engineer precision-machined camera accessories. And for us, displaying just how diverse machining can be in enhancing a wide-range of business and pleasure projects – we couldn’t pass that opportunity up!

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However, our trending CNC machining projects don’t end there. We are also on Etsy, delivering a wide range of custom ZHT designs. In addition to our Pro Street world of retro car projects, which have been featured within
the  Retro Car Company.

Delivering custom ordered machining projects is something we have always been proud of offering, and 2021 has already presented us with endless creative projects to tackle.

As a team of skilled  Precision CNC and Lathe Machinists in BC that we pride ourselves at being, every concept a client brings to us is a challenging opportunity for growth.

Regardless of what industry you are in, we deliver on machining in all areas of:


Live the Dream & Create New Ones; The Only Limit is Your Imagination
Whether utilizing our state-of-the art computer technology or spearheading projects from a creative standpoint – we have the ability to provide superior quality and creative solutions for our customers through the custom art of machining!

Keep in touch with us via Facebook, and discover in real-time what creative projects we’re currently working on.

Or contact us if you wish to become part of a group of highly trained and talented leaders in the machining
industry right here in BC!

Zum Hingst Technologies Inc. is located at 1452 Spitfire Place in Port Coquitlam, BC Feel free to call us at (604)
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