Choose Local Precision Machined Christmas Collectables!

ZHT is always a little excited to chat up our side-hustle; ZHT Passion. And in recent years, we have had the privilege of creating Precision Machined Christmas Collectables such as:

o shooter cups
o Whiskey tumblers
o Picture frames
o engraved plaques
o belt buckles
o custom car parts for award winning SEMA projects
o …just to name a few

We understand that…
‘We all have keepsakes, and it’s nice when something important to us lasts the test of time. Our custom, in-house designs are made with that in mind – to last you a lifetime. Made right here at ZHT, born from stainless or aluminum billet, each custom design makes an excellent gift or collectible. A truly tangible object that you can hold, use, polish and enjoy.’

Choose Local Precision Machined Christmas Collectables

ZHT is not only a CNC business solution provider, we are also all about “Creating beauty through machining. Proudly utilizing artisan principles; bringing our – or your, custom designs and ideas to reality”!

Need creative metal fabricated Christmas gift ideas? We have many! Metal fabricated Christmas gifts can be unique and thoughtful, combining craftsmanship with personalization.

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  1. Custom additions to your retromod car
  2. Deck and garden light holders
  3. Stand offs for stair rails and glass panels
  4. Custom Metal Wall Art
  5. Metal Jewelry (mass production or personalized gift)
  6. Metal Bookends
  7. Personalized Metal Key Holder
  8. Metal Coasters
  9. Personalized Metal Ornaments for Your Entire Workforce!
    Regardless of the project you are considering, personalization adds a special touch to any gift –
    whether for a close friend or family member, or for an entire corporation. Such things can truly.
    make a cherished and memorable gift that will last – forever.

Curious to see our current lineup of Custom Machined Collectibles for Christmas? Click HERE.

Also, check us out at: Etsy or Facebook or contact us with your Precision Machined Christmas Collectables idea. We would be more than thrilled to collaborate with you, bringing your idea to life!

If you are seeking local CNC Machining services that extends past gift ideas, keep in mind that we also offer:

o Co-op CNC Machinist Program in BC
o Aerospace
o Medical
o Optical
o Commercial