3 Reasons to Choose Zum Hingst Technologies for CNC Medical Machining

As mentioned on our CNC Medical Machining page… “Zum Hingst Technologies has years of
expertise in manufacturing various precision components – including technologies for CNC madical machining, where cosmetics, precision and cleanliness are paramount requirements”.

In addition, we understand that our clients have options when it comes to CNC professionals
here in the Lower Mainland. Although we are a big advocate for choosing local, we also
advocate for ourselves with decades of precision work and full confidence in the products and
services we deliver.

We want to share just a few reasons why we believe you should ‘Choose Zum Hingst ‘Technologies for CNC Medical Machining’.

3 Reasons to Choose Zum Hingst Technologies for CNC Medical Machining

Technologies for CNC Medical Machining

At ZHT, there are a plethora of reasons why we believe choosing us for your precision CNC
projects matters. However, we have broken it down into just 3…

  1. Proven Accuracy and Repeatability
    CNC medical machining requires, not only advanced computer-controlled technology to
    manufacture medical devices with a high level of accuracy, but also the expert
    knowledge in ensuring the end product is precision-level perfect. This is vital to our
    growing role in providing supply chain support to the healthcare sector, where patient
    health and safety to the top priority.
  2. Longstanding Community Presence
    As a company that has been serving our community for decades, we are proud to have
    delivered medical machined parts for our customers. Based on our expertise, our
    turnaround time has ensured that – in emergency situations, quick access to the
    precision parts needed for medical equipment, can and has been accessed. Such care
    and attention to detail has made us a community leader in this field or customer care
    and supply chain security.
  3. Investing in Local Talent & Innovation
    CNC medical machining is not limited to specific medical devices, but can also be used in
    various other healthcare-related applications. ZHT ensures that we keep in-pace with
    such medical advancements through supporting prototyping for surgical equipment and
    medical components.

How do we keep up with the pace? We personally invest our time to find and take on
people who are passionate about CNC machining and help to further train and equip
them to facilitate the production of cutting-edge medical solutions.

CNC Service in Port Coquitlam

As CNC Medical Machining experts in Port Coquitlam, ZHT is well versed in the medical
industry’s requirements for precision parts manufactured within controlled conditions.
If you wish to know more about our CNC Medical Machining, feel free to contact us by calling
(604) 468-1991 or visiting us at 1452 Spitfire Place in Port Coquitlam. We look forward to discussing your needs!